RT @nayibbukele: El Salvador just bought the dip. 100 extra coins acquired with a discount 🥳 #Bitcoin 🇸🇻

8:55 PM Nov 26th

RT @FrancisSuarez: I’m going to take my next paycheck 100% in bitcoin…problem solved! @Sarasti can you help?

8:06 PM Nov 2nd

RT @chowcollection: Today my task is to do a bird's eye view of The Saylor Series, so I think the best way to do it is to go through line b…

2:26 PM Oct 30th

RT @PrestonPysh: I want to hear @saylor on @joerogan.

2:26 PM Oct 30th

RT @BitcoinMagazine: JUST IN: #Bitcoin could become "reserve currency of the world." - US Senator Rand Paul https://t.co/nG5ixS40AV

6:29 PM Oct 25th